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Cheap Posters

S-K-I-N-T have gathered together the cheapest poster deals giving you Student posters, music posters, movie posters and much, much more, right here at your fingertips. Why pay more for your posters of your heartthrob or posters of your favorite band? S-K-I-N-T gives you great poster deals whatever your pin-up.


Cheap Student Poster Deals

Every student needs cheap posters. Either to make their mark on their new digs or to cover up a damp moldy stain on the wall! Have no fear S-K-I-N-T is here bringing the best cheap poster deals around:

S-K-I-N-T is the best place to come for cheap posters, check out this great poster clearance sale for the best offers with All Posters.

cheap student posters

20% off first purchase: Art, posters and calendars or cool tees are available at CX London.

Everybody at some point wants a poster. Itís a cheap way to decorate a room, or give a cheap cool present to somebody Ė why not buy a cheap poster and put in a frame from a second hand shop? Instant decor all for very little money from one poster.


Cheap Music Poster Deals

Want a cheap music poster? What a poster of your favourite band or maybe brighten up your room with a Girls Aloud Poster? Check out these cheap music posters:

Push posters have the largest selection of music posters in the world.

Music posters are great, some of the finest people in music are immortal through the fine art on posters. Have your very own Bob Marley poster, Jimi Hendrix poster, Bob Dylan or Sheryl Crow poster from our recommended music poster dealer Easy Art Posters.


Cheap Movie Poster Deals

From the latest blockbuster movie to a cult movie or cult TV program, S-K-I-N-T has the cheap poster deals that you are looking for. Have a poster of your favourite actor pin-up or Star Trek poster or Aliens poster. have the latest blockbuster posters.

If thatís not enough, check out these fantastic one poster movie posters from £3 and a great collection of cult movie posters to choose from.


Cheap Football and Sports Poster Deals

Now every football fan has a football team poster or soccer ace legend poster at some point.  Even if it is just a David Beckham poster!

Select from 100’s of cheap sports poster deals from One Poster.

Collectable Football Posters

Not only are these collectable posters they make a great present for fathers day, christmas or birthdays.

A unique design provided from the original art company Barewall, which will work on any home or office. Some of the posters are celebrating England's campaign in the 2010 World Cup and also Stoke City's successful seasons in the Premiership.

Buy Collectable Football Posters


Original Art and Art Print Posters

Top Picks from Art Prints

The art lover's online gallery, you can buy just the print as a poster or pick a frame. It is offering thousands of prints & posters - see our top picks from Pop Art Prints.

Checkout posters and prints at

The art lover's online gallery, you can buy just the print as a poster or pick a frame. Its offering thousands of prints & posters - see our top picks from Pop Art Prints.

Original Art

Just looking for posters or do you want something else to cover that barewall? Why not look for a nice piece of art, and original piece of art can be an investment for the future and doesn’t have to cost the earth. Check out this site, orginal art work for sale containing a wide range of talented artists.

original wall art work for sale


Free Posters!

These are some great ideas on how to make your own free poster. Great fun, creative and who knows, you might uncover a hidden talent!

Free Art Posters

You can make a collage from newspaper and/or magazine cuttings. Why not pick an event that has happened and cut out different articles and pictures marking the occasion. Using used newspapers or magazines that people are ready to throw away or recycle you won’t have to spend a penny, your artwork for your poster is completely free! If you then get a sheet of thick paper or card and then paste on the cuttings using PVA glue (or mix flour and water together to make your own free glue if you don’t have any PVA) and there you go, you have made your own free retro art poster that marks a memorable occasion.

Free Movie and Free Music Posters

Another idea is to approach your local music store, the smaller independent ones are usually the best and have more flexibility on what they give away free. If you make friends with them you can ask them to give you the promotional music posters when they have finished with them. This is a great way to get free music posters of your favourite band. The same applies with your local video rental shop. Movie posters and life size cut outs are often given away free.

Cheap Posters and More

Not found want you’re looking for? Try this search, it works for cheap Posters, cheap Prints, cheap T-Shirts and cheap gifts. It’s a great way to find that cheap gift or bit of memorabilia that you have been looking for.